Historian Life Podcast

Launched March 2021

Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other favorite apps! (Or visit the podcast website for links to each episode.)

Why Podcast?

After a lonely year with a lot of hard thinking in 2020, I wanted to TALK (not just write) about historical topics. The Historian Life Podcast always features short segments, and Season 1 starts with a detailed look at heroes, myths and legends, visual representations, and ideas for stripping away memory barricades.

Drawing on my experiences of learning and teaching through conversation, I’m excited to share notes, ideas (that are working!), historical insight, and dash of humor and personal tales.

Historian Life Podcast does not limit its audience to history field professionals or history buffs. There’s always something interesting to explore and concepts for chatting about “hot topics” as the challenge to explore and interpret the past grows, changes, haunts, and challenges all of us.

Sarah has had the opportunity to podcast or chat on the following shows:

The Emerging Civil War Podcast

Town Talk with Ted Schubel (Fredericksburg, Virginia)

The Emerging Civil War Podcast

Town Talk with Ted Schubel

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