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Hey, I’m Sarah. Thanks for stopping by. Let’s get honest about the wonderful, frightening, and amazing things we find in the pages of history books.

This blog is my online journal to share what’s on my mind as we’re navigating the history field, surviving a pandemic, and building a road forward for a better future.

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Battlefields & Effects

Central Virginia has been getting snow this month. Between 7 or 8 inches at the beginning of January, and this Sunday (January 16), it’s snowing again. Personally, I don’t mind the snow, but I’m not a fan of power outages. The recent snows have caused damages to the trees across the area, particularly around theContinue reading “Battlefields & Effects”

Recent Readings – January 2021

Over the Christmas and New Years holidays, I had some extra time and dived into a selection of books. Here are a few of the history volumes!

Snow Fall & Candlelight

Happy New Year. 2022 has arrived, and there are stacks of research for writing projects on my desk. One of those new year resolutions (posting here once a week) took a quick turn for the worse when I decided to skip Sunday and post on Monday…and on Monday about 8 inches of snow fell whereContinue reading “Snow Fall & Candlelight”


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