New Market

New Market, Virginia

Town, Battle, Memory

In 2016, Sarah Kay Bierle started researching the battle and community of New Market, Virginia. Part of the study culminated in her nonfiction book Call Out The Cadets.

Here you’ll find links to articles about the Civil War battle and the small crossroad community affected by the fighting on May 13-15, 1864.

On Gazette665:

Jessie Rupert: “Though Surrounded By Enemies”

Lydie Clinedinst: “Mother of the New Market Cadets”

Sarah Bushong: Battle Around Her Home

1864: “May Be Relied Upon For Active Duty”

1864: “A Case of Mismanagement”

Stop Here! Virginia Military Institute

Video Series: New Market

Emerging Civil War Articles

Saving Franz Sigel?

New Market’s Memory Wars

Lydie Clinedinst & Moses Ezekiel: A Devoted Friendship Begun at New Market

How I Got Hooked On New Market: The Story Behind “Call Out The Cadets”

“Cadet Evans Climbed On A Cannon”

Longing To Be A Soldier (Cadet J.B. Stanard)

Determined Delinquents On A Summer’s Day

Rethinking What Civil War Soldiers Remembered

To order Sarah’s nonfiction book, Call Out The Cadets: The Battle of New Market, please visit Gazette665’s secure online store.

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