Sarah Kay Bierle graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a BA in History, serves as managing editor at Emerging Civil War, and works in the Educational Department at the American Battlefield Trust. She has spent years exploring ways to share quality historical research in way that will inform and inspire modern audiences, including school presentations, writing, and speaking engagements. Sarah has published three historical fiction books and her first nonfiction book, Call Out The Cadets: The Battle of New Market, is part of the Emerging Civil War series.  

Last Name Pronunciation

Bierle – “Buy-Early”



Fallen Leaders: Confederate Artilleryman John Pelham (ECW Symposium 2021)

1864: Shenandoah Valley Campaigns & Medical Care (ECW C-SPAN Day, 2021)

Women’s History Month: Favorite Leadership Moments (Emerging Civil War 2021)

Interview – Battle of New Market (ECW Symposium 2019)

The New Market Campaign (C-SPAN, ECW Symposium 2019)

Interview – Chambersburg Raid (ECW Symposium 2020)

1862 Chambersburg Raid (C-SPAN, ECW Symposium 2019)

In the Field – Kelly’s Ford (Emerging Civil War 2019)

Myer’s Hill Battlefield and Central Virginia Battlefields Trust (Zoom Interview, May 2020)


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