Navigating: My New Favorite Word

How’s it going? How are you doing? I appreciate those questions, and when I’m asking, I sincerely want to know.

Over the last few weeks, as holiday plans changed, changed, and changed again, and other uncertainties returned, I haven’t felt like answering those questions as “good” or “fine.” So…here’s my new phrase:

I’m navigating.

Navigating: to sail or travel over (a stretch of water or terrain), especially carefully or with difficulty.

Oxford Languages 2020

It encompasses the idea of always going forward, even if so many things seem unclear.

What’s your favorite word (skip the explicative, please!) to describe this season?


Published by Sarah Kay Bierle

I’m Sarah Kay Bierle, author, speaker, and researcher. Past and present, everyone has a story. What will we discover and discuss?

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