CW160 Diary: April 19 Musings

April 19. In the history known, remembered, and studied by people during the Civil War, the significance of this date traced back to the midnight riders and assembled militia at Lexington and Concord (Massachusetts) who opposed the British troops. “The shot heard ’round the world” still reverberated deeply in American memory in the mid-19th Century.Continue reading “CW160 Diary: April 19 Musings”

CW160 Diary: Fort Sumter

This is part of journaling that I’m sharing publicly on anniversary days commemorating 160 years since the American Civil War. It’s a record of random thoughts, commemorations, events, or relevant reading on the anniversary day. Dear Diary: I had all good intentions of getting up at 5:00am to read Mary Chesnut’s diary entries in realContinue reading “CW160 Diary: Fort Sumter”