What happened? Civil War Photograph Mystery

I like to look at the Civil War era photographs of couples and families. It’s a visual reminder that the war and what happened in the military affected the homefront and vice-versa. One afternoon I was looking at civilian/military images, noting details on poses for couples, and I came across this image digitized in LibraryContinue reading “What happened? Civil War Photograph Mystery”

Historic & Modern Photographs: Do They Match?

Ever since 2019 when I wrote about this photograph of U.S. Sanitary Commission members in Fredericksburg, Virginia, for Emerging Civil War, I’ve wanted to try to match the historic photographs to the location as it appears today. I have an on-going file of information about the USSC during the Overland Campaign and it’s fun toContinue reading “Historic & Modern Photographs: Do They Match?”

Civil War Photographs That Make Me Smile & Wonder

One of my jobs at work is to sort through photos and figure out which ones to feature occasionally in our social media posts. Library of Congress is such an excellent resource for finding Civil War photographs and the Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Photographs (digitized) is one of my favorite places to lookContinue reading “Civil War Photographs That Make Me Smile & Wonder”

“Here You Are”: Poetry for an Unknown Union Soldier

Sharing some historical, Civil War era photographs this month… I know photographs don’t talk, but sometimes the image can grip the heart. That’s the way I felt when I saw the photograph of this young Union soldier on Library of Congress’s website. I stopped what I was working on at the time and just studiedContinue reading ““Here You Are”: Poetry for an Unknown Union Soldier”